How we can help

As a former Factory Inspector I have investigated hundreds of serious accidents and cases of occupational ill health in a variety of industries. This experience not only ensures a thorough investigation, but also gives me a unique insight into the causes of accidents, so preventive measures can be taken before they happen.

When accidents do occur, lessons learnt from their investigation can not only help prevent other accidents in future, but ‘claims focused’ investigations can reduce the likelihood of a civil claim succeeding, or significantly reduce its value. This in turn can help minimise your Employers Liability insurance premiums.

Experience in defending civil claims

Since leaving the HSE I have gained extensive experience in working with companies and their insurers/solicitors in defending claims. My rigorous approach to aggressively defend claims where I believe there is a defendable position has meant that many such claims have been dropped, even after the the insurance company’s Claims Inspectors have recommended settling on the ‘best possible terms’.

Helping you to help yourself

As well as offering training sessions on accident and claims investigation, if you join our Retained Safety Advisor Service then we will give you detailed phone/email advice about how best to investigate a specific accident or claim as part of the service.