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“Hanovia began working with Steve Thompson over 2 years ago after we asked him to undertake a thorough review of the way we manage safety across our business. Not only did Steve provide us with an excellent safety management system, he made it easier for us to understand and manage safety for ourselves. Perhaps even more importantly he got us to focus on the risks that really matter so we are now able to manage them more effectively.
Steve continues to play a close part in our on-going safety management efforts. His risk focused and very practical approach toward safety is much appreciated.”

Jim Wisbey
Operations Director

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“We were very impressed with Steve as we felt he really understood the needs and constraints of our business and was able to offer a well thought out approach, based on practical common sense. He made us very comfortable, working with us on our side to make us compliant and to provide a forward looking vision”.

Sarah Toye
HR Manager

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“Seacourt are very happy to recommend Safety Management Solutions because of the first class service we received, as well as the attention to detail and knowledge of the health and safety issues we faced as a printing company.”

Nick Dinnage
Operations Director

“Steve improved our H&S arrangements by documenting them into practical and effective proceedures. This has greatly improved our H&S culture.”

Ian McBraida
Managing Director

“We have used Steve as our health and safety consultant for around 10 years, during which he has worked with us to achieve very high standards of health and safety, what we believe to be possibly the best in our industry.

As well as being very knowledgeable in health and safety law, Steve is very pragmatic in interpreting and applying it to our particular situation. This down to earth and common sense approach is very much appreciated when much of health and safety these days seems to be completely over the top, and not based on the practical realities of running a business”.

Nick Perry
Production Director

“Steve has supported Superheat FGH Ltd through the development of our Safety Management System for our UK operations. His practical and analytical approach, combined with his commitment, allowed us to meet our objectives in the context of demanding deadlines…… in a demanding industry. We continue to utilise Steve‚Äôs skills to support us through the ever changing customer requirements and legislative demands of our business sector”.

Christopher Hutt
General Manager

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“Having Steve as our appointed Health & Safety Advisor for the business, it is reassuring to know that we have someone on board that is not only very competent but someone that will discuss H & S matters in a sensible and proactive manner”.

Helen Moore

“We were very worried about the implications of health and safety on our company, but Steve steered us through each stage and helped us produce our health and safety policy. He understood exactly what we do as a business, and enabled us to see how we could improve the way we worked.”

“Recently we asked Steve to advise us on the safety issues concerning a new product we were

launching, and his comments not only made the product safer, but also led us to improving several features which has made the product more attractive to the market.”

Angela Wilson