The law requires that Employers appoint one or more ‘competent persons’ to assist them in complying with the Health and Safety law which is relevant to their business.

Most companies however cannot justify a full-time Safety Advisor, and may not have the necessary skills in-house for an employee to act as their competent person.

By taking advantage of our Retained Safety Advisor Service, your company can have a fully qualified and experienced ex-Factory Inspector as your named Safety Advisor.

Benefits of the Retained Safety Advisor Service

  • An initial ‘status review’ to discuss the companies H&S risks, key priorities, and a suggested plan of action
  • Telephone and email support as necessary throughout the year by someone who knows your business
  • Periodic updates on important H&S issues, such as changes in the law, enforcement practice, civil litigation etc.
  • A schedule of visits agreed at the start of each membership year to help keep health and safety standards on track
  • Flexibility about how you use your agreed days  (e.g. substituting a planned noise assessment for an accident investigation)

How much will it cost?

The annual cost will vary depending on factors such as the size of your company, its risk profile, its current level of compliance, and the agreed number of days per year.  The annual retainer starts at £500 for small / low risk companies, and all on-site days paid for in advance are offered at a discount to our normal daily rate.

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